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    Only when I am actually in the tub does this seem to happen. What could be the cuase?

    This is really interesting. I assume it means that you have filled the tub (without you in it) so that the overflow is draining, and then you have opened the main drain, and STILL the leak does not occur…but that the leak occurs only when YOU are in the tub with the water…

    Frankly, this is hard to explain. Your weight can hardly add to the weight of a full tub of H2O, so we can’t say that the extra weight (of your person) has strained the DWV connections to make them leak.

    In my experience, the problem you describe is almost always due to a loose or rotted waste and overflow connection, one that doesn’t declare itself until there is a standing head of H20 in the overflow pipes. I suspect you really haven’t tested this. The way to do it is to fill the tub up to the overflow, let the H20O drain through the overflow, and then pull the plug on the tub at let it all drain out. If there’s a leak, as there must be, it will become apparent.


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