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Got it – thanks!

Here’s the part that stumps me:
The unit just decided to start this behavior one day after a year or so of working perfectly. Once the temp dial is turned to the “normal” position (120 degrees F according to the manual) it then begins the problem. The groaning and leaking that is. Once it starts the problem, it does it continuously (as in non-stop) whether the burners are actively on or not. I suppose the water gets overheated and stays that way forever. It seems as though using the water would cool it down some and stop the TPR leakage. Doesn’t it seem as though it would have done this from the beginning unless something went wrong? I guess that’s why I’m not a plumber, and you guy make the big bucks

I suppose my next logical step would be to measure the temp of the water coming out of the tap and the TPR valve. Perhaps the temp dial on the unit is no longer accurate.



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