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Dear Retired Plbg,

Thanks for responding. This is an old house (75 years) with 5 toilets, 2 tub/showers, and one stall shower (in MBR next to toilet).

When you inquire about the trap holding its seal when a toilet is flushed, do you mean do we smell sewer gas from the shower when the toilet next to it is flushed? If so, the answer is yes. Just tried it and detected sewer gas smell — much sublter than after the shower is used, but definitely sewer gas.

Not sure what you mean about other fixtures. Bathroom in question has stall shower, toilet next to it and sink 8 fett away. Other bathroom on same floor (second) has tub/shower, sink and toilet.

There’s another full bathroom on third floor (not directly overhead MBR Bath) with tub/shower, sink and toilet. That tub/shower is rarely used. Could that contribute to my problem?

First floor has half-bath and basement has toilet and slop sink nearby.

Will await your response before shopping for allergy treatment from swimming pool supplier.



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