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Jerry Peck

In reply to message posted by BHalle1:
I read in 1997 UPC about flagpoling a vent, what is meant by that term. Something as simple as you can’t run the vent over 7 feet and then use it as a flagpole? 7 foot was mentioned in this section for areas of roof used for general purpose, like patios, gardens, I would assume.

Thanks for any ideas.

Flagpoling means the plumbing vent terminal through the roof should hot have anything mounted on or attached to them. No tv anntennas, no satellite dishes, no anything.

The 7′ height is where the roof is used for any other purpose than weather protection. Where people will be walking on the roof, the 7′ height puts the sewer gas above the people on the roof, such as: sun decks; balconies; equipment repairs; etc.

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