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jouurneyman: No I am not Sylvan, I am just another Bozo on the bus. Because of my very limited number of functioning brain cells, I
find it much easier to make my trip through life
in a little more relaxed manner.
I do however know the gentleman and admire is ability to shoot from the hip with remarkable accuracy.
What may be considered a lack in the social graces can be to some extent overlooked in view of his obvious command of the fundementals of the
plumbing/heating field.
Perfection in all phases of human existence is
not something that can be easily achieved in one short lifetime, however with patience and understanding we can encourage those who seem to
need a leg up in the personal interaction department.
We all have our strengths..and weaknesses. We must capitalize on our strengths, and work at manageing the effects of our failing qualities.
In time we will progress to the next plateau, and than to the next and so on.

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