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et: I realize the quandry that you find yourself in. Stuck in a situation where your teacher or instructor stands between you and your license or diploma. Learning quantum mechanics and quadradic equations in order to passify a written test is in it’s self a test..of long suffering.
There is only person alive in the entire known universe that has all the formulae for finding out anything about anything and everything filed
away in his quite considerable memory.
There is a wizard known to those who seek him as “Sylvan” who lives atop a forboding mountain top in the Kingdom of Westchester. Many attempt the journey up the mountain to see the Wizard, some never return, but most quit from the hardships found on the trail of knowledge. Many
quit before setting foot on the trail and complain loudly about the effort that will be required to win the prize.
My advice for those determined to meet the wizard in his lofty mountaintop cave is to steel yourself for a grueling odyssy. The darkness and eerie surrondings become more and more telling as you pick your way along the perilous trial.
I time you will reach the most difficult part of your ascent.You will come to spot at the end of the narrow path on the edge of cliff, there you will find a tattered and worn rope ladder that goes straight up the craggy face of the sheer mountain side. It is always raining and the wind howling in this spot and as you look up the thread bare rope, it disappears in the swirling mists that alway obscure sight of your objective.
Hold fast to the rope and don’t look down, repeat to yourself what it is that you have come for and take courage in the fact that you are nearing your goal with each rung of the worn, wet and slippery rope ladder. As you eventually haul your exhaused wet form to the landing at the end of the ladder, you will see a sign with an arrow pointing the way to “The Wizard”.
There at the entrance to the Wizards cave is huge wooden door of massive beams bound with Cast Iron plates and hung on great Wrot Copper hinges.
Bang three times on the door with the large ball peen hammer tied to the door lock with candle wicking and state the reason that you seek and audience with the wizard as loudly as possibly can, and say..”MOE SENT ME”.
When he asks how you will pay, Cash, Check or Plastic? Go with the Cash option, and your sure to get in. The wizard will be happy to share with you all his stored forulae and other means and methods used to arrive at the correct answer to your queery.
you will of course to bring with you those fact and figures that are required to be used in the use of the appropriate formula.
For example, you will need the total developed length of the 6″ piping to be used for the test. What astm number is the many fittings and what type were used and where were they placed in fabricating the 6″ line in question and were they AWWA aproved..What type and bury were the fire hydrants (Kennedy, American Darling, Watrous, etc)
Will you have pumping or supply capacity to maintain the water test pressure during actual testing proceedure? and stuff like that.
Be sure to tell the Wizard that things just ain’t the same around here since they took him away.

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