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Do you have a plumbing school in New York City that you would recommend.

You are in Luck as NYC has the best “plumbing” code in the country and the most highly trained “plumbers” found any place in the United States.

There are many, many schools available and some are even free.

If you send me a private E mail I will be more then happy to give you a list of schools located in Manhattan.

There are “plumbing schools” that can teach you codes plus welding, lead wiping,plan reading and drawing, heating applications,every type of plumbing application known is available here.

To get a good basic understanding a 10,000 hour apprenticeship should be considered then you can specialize in the kind of plumbing that intreasts you.

Just look at the bottom of this page E mail me and ILL give you some names to consider including some that offer a Masters program used to be a 10 year training now it is only 7 years

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