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Hi Randy what you want to do is ILLEGAL in most plumbing codes.

Lets think about this.

Suppose you have a tub full of soapy dirty water with this hose hanging down and for some reason you get a loss in pressure like a water main break.

What we now have is a classic example of back flow TSK,TSK,TSK what to do?

Now lets try to do it legally and use the existing shower arm (1/2″ threads) and get a chrome plated diverter with a shower hose just long enough to be about 4″ above the tubs flood level rim NOT over flow BUT flood level.

Now we have the following LEGAL connections

1- you have the bath tub spout

2- You can use the existing shower head

3- You have the option to use the hand held so you do not have to wet your hair when showering and this is a permanent hook up.

Now isnt this a great idea to have legal options and not using a quick disconnect all the time?

Good thing I went to school that day huh?

Get a decent quality stainless steel hose not the cheap imported stuff.

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