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In reply to message posted by Wayno:
New 272 townhome project underway. To date 95 occupieds.
Maint. Dept receives 3-5 request for clogged toilets a week. Need help to reduce this number of calls before the remaining units get leased.

Is it :
1)New Tenants need educated on the low volume toilets?

2)Possible Venting problem ?

3)Down stream pipe size, 90 deg turns, drain diameters, etc. ??

Any information , be it PR publications, user “do’s & don’t” hand outs or reference manuals on the benifits of water conservation and our govt’s idea to save our planet please enlighten me.

If this continues, I’ll have to hire a full time man with a toilet router surgically implanted on his arm.

Thanks in advance, just trying to get as much information and documation as possible before the Tenant Revolt is well orginized and gets nasty.

The low flow toilets are 1.6 GPF not 1.5

I have installed over 1,500 Crane GRAVITY type low down tank and bowls and not one single call back.

The key is adjusting the flapper to allow as much water to drain as possible and make sure the refill tube is inside the over flow tube.

Now if your state code was stupid enough to allow plastic garbage to be installed then your going to have to issue each tenant a plunger.

Plastic 90s are very short radius and thus cause lots of friction losses besides making a lot of noise and being carcinogenic in case of fire.

A lot of so called plumbers do use a 3″ soil line for toilets and then use a 1/4 bend rather then a long sweep and this also causes major problems BUT it is cheap and that is the bottom line on new construction normally as the lowest bidder gets to do the installation

To test the toilets get a 5 gallon pail of water and pour it down the bowl and see if you get a vortex Or if it makes a gurgling sound (bad or missing vents)

You may also want to explain that the 1.6 Crane is possibly the best gravity WC on the market but it does take common sense like only stuff that comes out of the body and toilet paper should be thrown down these devices NOT sanitary napkins etc.

Like I stated over 1,500 installed not one call back and I did test them with 30 sheets of toilet paper.

please feel free to contact me and ILL give you some possible options good luck

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