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Didnt you get any this morning Sylvan ??? Or just that time of the month ??

Bungie please forgive me I thought that there was some talented folks from Oz my mistake mate.

You I guess did NOT read the original post which states BRASS PIPING

Now possibly in your part of the world Brass is NOT made with copper BUT in my part of the globe we use up to 85% copper in “Brass piping”

Now thinking like a typical wankee from Oz one would never think that copper being a soft metal compared to ferrous metals and thus using an “Extractor” the thingy you said Rigid makes with other thingys we happen to call by the tools proper name.

The soft metal threads most of the time do compress even more so using this type of removal tool PLUS one would have to use extreme care not to split the tee or cause more problems on the “run” of the tee if this break occured on the bull.

Now you could have thought like we PROFESSIONAL plumbers do in the civilized part of the world and suggested a REAL plumbers trick of turning the dies inside the stock BACKWARDS to make ONE thread. BUT why give away all our trade secretes HUH?

This way you do not have to go through the “follower” of the stock.

Being a “mechanic” and highly skilled plumber we know these things and do not resort to handyman tools.

I think you blokes should stay with plastic piping systems as much as possible as it takes NO SKILL to be a plastic specialist.

I am opening a school for plumbers on line to explain the practical side of plumbing as every plumber does know the codes and why and hows in book knowledge so I am going to train folks in practical applications.

You know Mate it really gets very lonely at the top.. Having more practical skills then code I still am learning and blokes like you confuse us blokes who want to learn the proper terminology of tools and equipment.

Have a great one mate and please keep the fan mail coming.

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