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My 70 yr old threaded 1/2″ brass pipe started dripping at a joint & upon removing a union, it completely broke off leaving the thread inside the T.
It’s in an impossible area to do much with except try to get it out & screw in a male 90% to reroute it. This because it’s running right under the tile floor of the bathroom above the with only 1″ clearance room to rethread any pipe.

I have 2 questions:
1. It the best way to coax it out with two careful close hacksaw cuts just to the point of the thread and pry that section up & out followed by the remainder. I’ve done this in the past, but is there an easier way?

2. If I wind up having cut the pipe off leaving no male thread & no clearance to rethread, do they make a copper sweat that would fit snuggly over the 1/2 brass which could be soldered to the brass pipe with the other end a male thread that I could then attach a union?

Thanks in advance

Regards, Ron

PS: haven’t been to this great site in a while, but I notice when doing a search, I’m getting for each topic, rather than the subject itself so the only way is to go to each link where I find it has nothing to do with my search words. It didn’t used to work this way…I used to get subject headings for each item returned by the search

Hey Ron,

No problem, PIECE of Cake EASY FIX, childs play.

You can do any of the following

1- Use the hack saw blade as you did before carefully cutting to the point of touching the existing threads BUT not scoring them.

Then take an old screw driver or really sharp chisel and cut out the existing threads. cut in two places remove the section inbetween and then cave in the threads.

2- Do like a HANDYMAN non knowing semi skilled wana be cheating Butt crack wanker and use an “extractor” or as the bums and non trainables say “easy out” which is not fool proof as you can snap off the fitting completly if your not careful

3- Cut out the existing fitting if you mess up using the extractor (easy out) and buy a 1/2″ TP fitting either female TP or male TP adapter

If you do not know what a TP fitting is please feel free to send me an E mail and ILL be more then happy to explain how to make a joint stronger then the origional.

Many times the older buildings I work in have Yellow brass piping as opposed to Red Brass and because of the 40% zinc this piping becomes brittle from dezincification especially on hot water supply piping.

Thus the threads so break off and I am left with a bare pipe which I must either braze or solder a fitting to.

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