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Singl wall is how they sho the chimney at Home Depo. I wudnt use singl wal eether. Just dubl wal owval Bvent. I kno it cost more but the Cod say to use it. But wen othr guys cut the header an bang the round vent in the stud spac, its to tite and it rubs. Yuo got to know how the bilders carpenter puts in chimnys. Yuo rich guys gort the monye to put it in rite, the bildrs dont now.

Well, Nick it is a great thing home centers and builders do not bother to do “code” piping as fires create work.

Think about it if people had bothered to check for a masters licensee actually on the job then there would be less fires and deaths and there goes the economy.

When a home burns down in the middle of the night from a poor installation almost everyone wins.

1- The builder gets to build more homes.

2- The insurance companies get a tax write off

3- More work for the construction guys

4- The Funeral director gets his fair share of the pie

5- The fire department can now justify more equipment and more man power

6- The motel down the block gets to rent rooms as the new home is built.

Doing the “right job” does cost more after all why put in a system that is proven safe and had a track record for longevity.

Ever notice the buildings in England, Germany last and last over 300 years?

Ever see a “state of the art” under slab heating system fail with in a year of installation?

Good thing the Pyramids were not given to the lowest bidder huh?

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