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Expanshun maks the pipe rubbing on the walls. You hav to give the vent room to mov.

Hey Nick, Give me a break tell that to the folks who do not know better.

Amazing how folks say “it is normal” I guess my installations must be the exception.

When installing a “vent” inside the home I use metalbestos DOUBLE wall piping, Cost a heck of a lot more then CHEAP single wall but the results are a quiet safe system.

I am curious how this can be considered “normal” when I have installed oil fired boilers and the stack temperatures exceeded 800 degrees YET it was a silent system even with expansion and contraction.

Ever install a metal breaching and hear it make noise? I never have YET this metal is exposed to the hottest part of the flue/chimney gases

Something doesn’t sound quite right if you can actually hear a chimney/flue piping making a loud enough racket to wake you up.

What part of the planet do you reside that it is “normal” to hear venting sounds?

MUST be a NJ thing

Nick check out the following just for the fun of learning something about the trades

NFPA 54 Or ANSI Z223.1 Or National Fuel gas code Or the old AGA (Now CS) code

ASME section IV or hows about the National Board of Boiler inspectors code (NBBI).

I guess “codes” are for dummies who like me hate install systems that talk back to you.

You know what would be a wonderful thing?

Imagine the plumbing inspectors of each country go into a plumbing/heating shop and spot check the owners and mechanics with a “test” no warning just walk in on a Monday morning and spot check everyone and give them a written test then a practical test.

Should be a great way to not only increase revenue by giving hefty fines BUT to weed out the unknowing dabblers out there.

How about the recient plastic underslab FAILURES where the NON LICENSED Heating guys tried to blame the manufacturers for the failures.

Here we have a great products installed by ANYONE who can put “Heating” on the side of a dump truck and it fails because it takes effort to LEARN to do the proper job with each type of material as we know no one material is best.

Nick would you really want to go to a doctor who passed his/her licensing test in 1940 and never kept pace with changers?

The same with “heatin” folks and gas fitters why not spot check them?

Nurses need to upgrade their skills and we all know that we plumbers make over five times more then an RN does.

My newest employee is now getting $65.00 per hr in the envelope and If he can pass my test you know darn well he deserves every penny I give him.

The reason he is so gifted as he asks questions and is willing to listen and learn.

Have fun Nick

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