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Bruce T

in electric water heaters that have the problem of not enough hot water is usually because of the UPPER element not the bottom.
cold water enters through the dip tube at the base of the tank and is heated to temperature by the bottom element.
the bottom thermostat..(once at desired temp.) shuts off and sends the electricity to the upper thermostat and element.
not enough hot water can also be attributed to a rotting dip tube.
There was a huge class action lawsuit over the failure of a large dip tube manufacturer called PERFECTION.
(appropriate name huh?)
Anyway, do a website search for “water heaters affected by perfection dip tubes”.
you will get a list of all water heaters that used this brand of dip tube by serial number.
the lawsuit is over so you can forget about any compensation if this is your problem, but at least you know what it is from.
You can test your elements with a continuity tester. good elements will show good continuity and NO continuity when tested against the tank..(WITH THE POWER OFF TO THE HEATER OF COURSE!)
240 volts can kill you my friend, so if your not up to it DONT DO IT!

» This message has been edited by Bruce T because its Friday and hes been drinking! on 08 June 2002

» This message has been edited by Bruce T on 08 June 2002

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