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Is there a hot-water radiator controller that regulates heat based on local temperature? We have poor home temperature regulation (2 floors, 6 rooms) based on a single zone burner thermostat.? I have seen these in homes in Swizterland.

What you want are NON electric thermostatic radiator valves.

There are lots and lots of companies now making them.

They can be adjusted from off (40 degrees) to 85 degrees

These fantastic money savers also come with remote bubls and all kids of add ons to really fine tune most older systems.

DO NOT use just a “heating guy” or a non licensed Master plumber and ask what FORMAL education they have.

If you have any questions regarding these valves please feel free to contact me as I have 68 of these devices in my own home since 1978 with one one brand malfunctioning (hunting) the rest of the brands I used are great.

they have tepes for hydronics (hot water heating) and steam systems up to 15 PSI.

The industrial jobs I do have Les;ie and Wanye which can be used to over 600 PSI biut I dont think this is what you need

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