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Rather then limiting yourself to only one code you should check ADA (Americans disability Act) Barrier free designs publications.

Another place to do fact finding is “Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association”

ANSI (American National Standard Institute) also gives guide lines and specifications including fixture requirements

As plumbing contractors we cannot just use local codes as we must check several places and use the more stringent codes like Architectural Barriers act Public Law 90-480

One of the better codes I have read to come out of the out of the windy city (Chicago) was the American National Standard which worked with the National Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and adults to use thier code guide lines

This society is located 2023 Ogden Avenue Chicago Illinois 60612 Contact them also for code compliance questions

The best place to get up to date specifications on Handicapped requirements is asking a local Licensed Master plumber.

Plumbers by law have to comply with these codes.

If you have any questions regarding Barrier free design questions please feel free to E mail me.

Like I stated anyone calling themselves a “plumber” must have taken the barrier free design code classes if not Id contact your state licensing boards and ask WHY?

There is no valid reason what so ever that a “plumber” cannot rattle off all the ADA plumbing fixture requirements

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