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I have read your reply and would like to clarify the matter somewhat. We fit pressure limiting device valves on the inlet supply along with a non return valve and a cold water releif valve set at 80% of that to which the hot water relief is set for – both work on temperatures as well 99 degrees C.
This practice is one that has been laid down by Rheem themselves in order to protect the customer’s installation from a failed and or seized hot water relief valve in areas where “hard” water is present.
The purpose is to allow the cold water relief to discharge to waste when the water heater is heating up instead of discharging hot water hence an energy saving to the end user.
The use of expansion tanks is certainly not common practice in these parts to eleviate the situation – but I understand the reasoning on the same.
I hope this helps or clarifies the matter better for you as it is not my intention to tell anyone how to do their job but more to assist where possible.

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