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I have a problem with a Crane Radcliffe toilet that has been recently installed in an 75 years old house. It tends to block and overflow easily where as this problem never happened with the old model before. A friend of mine told me that the same kind of problem happenned to him recently. A plumber told to him that these water saving models could have that kind of troubles if installed on old piping systems. Does anybody have any clue or statistics on that. And what should I do?

The older wasteful toilets used about 3.5 gallon per flush (GPF) which was not always needed.

The new toilets use 1.6 GPF do WORK BUT double check the flapper is not closing prematurely and the water level is about 1″ below the over flow tube

I have installed about 3,000 1.6 toilets ALL Crane brand when the City gave us one heck of an incentive to install them.

I installed these water savers in both my offices and in my homes and for everyone of my accounts and I can honestly say I have not had ONE CALL BACK out of over 3,000 installed

Of course the best installations were when I did use a Sloan Royal flushometer with a Crane elongated WC BUT the 1.6 Gravity also did a decent job.

If the WC itself gets blocked up a lot have a real plumber Journeymen level check to make sure the wax gasket was installed properly and not blocking the wc outlet.

Ask to see the journeymens card as a lot of P&H guys have no clue to proper plumbing installations, they sort of dabble in the trades.

Other brands especially the pressure assisted ones YES but Sloan Royal flushometer or Crane gravity low down tanks never happened.

Many of the Mansions I replaced the 3.5 were built in 1922 so if Quality Durham or Cast Iron was used you should not have a problem

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