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Bruce T

In reply to message posted by robertgf:
sylvan i have a question, is there a three valve faucet that is a pressure balance ? the only option that i could see would be to redo the tile wall for a single lever or install a moen posi temp or moentrol with a moen repair plate (ugly)

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Hey Robert, I have retro fitted old three valve tub shower combos to pressure balancing by just installing a pressure balancing valve on the supply lines before the fixture in the walls or attic,basement..(wherever the piping is at..)
its just a brass case with a piston in it with two inlets and two outlets.
If you want to go that route, make sure you strap the HECK out of it! and maybe consider installing a shock arrestor somewhere in the plumbing system as well because they can cause water hammer in high pressure areas.
this can save you trying to find a new valve that fits the old holes in the tile.
hope that helps.

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