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I am trying to repack a gland nut in the handle of my bathtub faucet. I have everything I need to do the job, but I cannot seem to get the sleeve off that protects the stem. I’ve tried the new rubber belt-type wrenches, I’ve used a pipe wrench in conjunction with a rubber sleeve for gripping, and I’ve tried using products to dissolve possible mineral deposits, if they are the culprit. I cannot get it to unscrew. What else can I try? I hesitate to call a plumber because I am confident I can do the rest of the job myself. Please help. Thanks.

Ah the old stuck Gerber sleeve thing AGAIN.
Simple cure.

Take an old flat screw driver and after removing the escutcheon gently chisel out the grouting around the valve bonnet/sleeve.

Then get an 8″ pipe wrench and try to unscrew this sleeve again.

To be on the safe side have a spare spindle and sleeve available.

Once in a while trying to remove this frozen part the entire stem comes out also.

A lot of times all you need is to just tighten the packing nut rather then re packing.

A whole new stem is about $6.00 with a new brass seat.

Gerber is a very easy faucet to repair and they do sell an entire replacement kit including new sleeves and handles.

Have at least a new sleeve and stem available

A strap wrench will not do it normally.

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