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    In reply to message posted by Fredrick Hess:
    How come the American plumbers seem to be more qualified then the other folks posting on here

    What education should plumbers posse?

    Hi Freddie,

    It has nothing to do which part of the globe a “plumber” comes from, it does have to do how seriously someone takes their trade Or do they consider it a profession.

    I know some of the worst snakes coming from under a rock come from this country (look at lawyers for example)

    One of the most brilliant men I have ever had the privilege to read on line was an apprentice from Canada.

    A lot of so called tradesmen me never bother to keep abreast of code changes or new materials.

    For example imagine a civilized country (USA) that allows ANYONE to do heating with no requirements what so ever?

    TSK,TSK,TSK how many poor victims had under slab failures because some idiot decided to use the wrong materials THEN try to blame innocent manufacturers for their stupidity.

    No wonder America is now letting other countries do our manufacturing as this way there is less accountability do to faulty workmanship and much less leaching lawyers lurking around to make more victims come forth.

    Never blame a country, blame the population for allowing the non educated to dabble in the field.

    Want something performed correctly? then DO NOT let the government get involved this is called personal accountability and responsibility.

    I happen to be in a great country that has all kinds of training available for those willing to make an effort and don’t expect a hand out and do not mind “working” a little to get a head.

    Have a great one

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