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    In reply to message posted by Peter.:
    Currently I am unemployed, I would like to change my carrier to plumming . Can you advice my some good school to learn this
    carrier and how is the job prospect for that.

    Try to locate a local United Association of plumbers and steam fitters and gas fitters in your area and ask about starting a 5 year (10,000 hour) training program for starters THEN after you get your journeymen’s card look into other classes designed for more intense training like welding, drafting, various codes like AGASME,NFPA,NBBI plus local and state plumbing codes.

    To get a really decent background you have to figure spending a minimum of 10 years perfecting the skills required to be considered a real Master of plumbing.

    Then of course you can go on to college and specialize in being a plumbing engineer where you hone your skills in designing medical gas systems and sizing acid waste and vent systems and then you can choose what specialty you may want to do in the field.

    There are way to many bums in the filed thinking they are “plumbers” who have no clue to actual plumbing applications ANY monkey can be trained to do one family homes and if you go into heating NO license required as many of the un employables have found a nitch in doing under slab systems.

    You get out of plumbing what you put in it.

    Good luck

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