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I have a post WWII cast iron tub that is in good shape, but it has the stopper mechanism outside the tub. It also does not have an opening above the drain for an overflow. I would like to cut a hole in the tub to accommodate an in-tub overflow that has a stopper mechanism. Question is, can I drill a overflow hole in a cast iron tub? Has anyone out there tried? What type of drill bit would I use? Thanks.

One of my buddies is a licensed master plumber in the Arm pit of the country (New Jersey)

Know why NJ has more toxic waste sites then lawyers??

NJ had first choice of course.

With that said If you contact me (E MAIL) ILL put you in contact with Steve who takes regular cast Iron tubs and converts them to a whirlpool type in place.

If he can drill several holes for whirlpool jets I am sure he can explain how to drill for an over flow.

The out side the tub waste is called either a standing waste or a barrel waste.

Still very easily to come by and install.
As a matter of fact I keep two of them on my repair vans as they are still used in many older buildings.

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