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Yeah, it takes a lot of trust to hope that the manfcterer dusnt let a hole in the plastic. Stick that stuf in concreet and hope it dont leek. The copper ones lastd since the scund world war.

Nick, this reminds me of the “heating” guys.

you know the P&H bums who never once thought a formal education is required for proper design.

Some of these bums know eatin stuff by watching another stumble bum do it and thus the insanity continues.

Remember the Levitt houses (before my time) But I did learn from the mistakes others made.

Even copper does fail in slab heating applications if the proper guide lines are not followed.

Personally It is my opinion that if a plumber dabbles in heating and the system fails NO MATTER what materials were used the installer should be held PERSONALLY responsible.

Think about the quality of workmanship that will be out there once the low lifes are put out of business for installing crap materials or not doing the proper calculations as flow is concerned.

Look at the dead men’s names now being used for franchise’s like Benedict Arnold heating corp.

Well Nick it should be intreasting seeing more and more system failures going to the lowest bidder HUH?

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