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To be honest ???

You need to cut a hole in the side of the wall looking back under the spa, or from under the floor. Get a very good torch and a clean mirror. Fill the spa with water and start looking.

There is no real way of blocking the pipe work off fully to test it any other way. ( You never 100% sure that the intakes and outlets are blocked are blocked off fully so there is no water in the pipes)

Stating the bloody obvious, DONT cut any holes in the spa bath itself, only the building.

Well my FIRE BUG friend from Oz let me state the REAL “Obvious”

In Civilized Countries unlike your used to it would appear WE DO NOT USE A “TORCH” to locate gas leaks or water leaks

You see my behind the times mate in my country we have BATTERIES and a NEW invention called a flash light.

A torch is something YOU CAVE MINDED Blokes carry around as once the fire goes out none of you remember how to get it going again.

Do you bloody blokes still use a rubber chisel in hospital to keep the noise down when opening cement?

In countries with electricity we have drop LIGHTS and flash lights.

Do you have a torch in front of your mo ped bike? BIG Candle HUH?

Wouldn’t a Torch go out if it is facing the wind?

Do you have explosion proof torches when looking for a gas leak?

YOU need to tell your government to get with the times as we have Modern tools that should have modern names dont you think?

Or well IM going to the telly and watch the Pilots fly off in their bloody buggy with wings .

Get with the times.. YOU Blokes REALLY are 20 YEARS or more behind us.

For your information WE “Professional” plumbers have what is called a video inspection system.

What this does is allow us to do away with the simpletons TORCH and use up to date means for locating leaks.

We use this camera in small openings NOT using a mirror and a torch/flashlight through a BIG opening.

We as highly skilled mechanics use modern tools at our disposal to try keep damage to an absolute minimum for looking for leaks.

With this camera we can see in the dark corners plus inside of pipes and chimneys.

By the way IF you would spend more time trying to learn plumbing and drainage instead of gun control stuff you would have time to learn about up to date methods of leak detection

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