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    “Thank you, Sylvan; some frauds object to giving knowledge to homeowners, but many homeowners now put low water cutoffs on their boilers and require their repairmen to carry combustion test instruments for economy and safety. This makes more work for skilled plumbers and improves the respect for the skilled Masters in the trades. A skilled tradesman never needs to worry about getting enough good work and certainly doesn’t have to keep others from learning. If they want to stop customers from knowing good service, they should attack magazines and the manufacturers that advertise. The customers that ask questions on this site are never prevented from learning as we all are.”

    Your very welcome.

    I think more and more home owners should look to sites like yours so they can Quiz the so called hewating guys on what they really know.

    Personally I have always felt a LWCO with manual reset should be installed on EVERY SINGLE H/W boiler regardless of BTU input even the peanut sized ones (200,000 or less)

    I like high pressure limits MANUAL reset also installed of hydronic boilers.

    A lot of Frauds think of operating controllers as safety devices.
    Ah the joys of being ingnorant that is why I feel the home owners are much better suited writing the specificcations rather then taking a NON formally trained heatin guy into their home

    Give simple basic tests like asking about stay bolts mud legs wheatstone bridges and what is required for an internal and external boiler inspeection.

    Harold keep up the fantastic job your doing to educate EVERYONE who really wants to learn.

    My best accounts are Briliant folks willing to learn and ask questions.

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