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Harold Kestenholz

SylvanLMP wrote: Depending on the flow rate required and the available pressure as you cannot supply a 8″ water main with a 2 ” pipe even with a lot of pressure if the 8″ pipe is fully open.

EXACTLY, the original premise didn’t state a requirement that the pipe be fully open. The pipe COULD be partially open. When designing a system, all the parameters have to be clear before you start.

SylvanLMP wrote: The origional question was very valid and a great topic for helpers to learn that rweal plumbing is not a hit and miss application.

Yes, the question contains too little information to come to a single answer, so the experienced would recognize the open-endedness and seek more information if trying to solve a real-world problem.

SylvanLMP wrote: Harold thank you again for one heck of a web site you have created, this site should atleast make the average home owner much more aware of options in design

Thank you, Sylvan; some frauds object to giving knowledge to homeowners, but many homeowners now put low water cutoffs on their boilers and require their repairmen to carry combustion test instruments for economy and safety. This makes more work for skilled plumbers and improves the respect for the skilled Masters in the trades. A skilled tradesman never needs to worry about getting enough good work and certainly doesn’t have to keep others from learning. If they want to stop customers from knowing good service, they should attack magazines and the manufacturers that advertise. The customers that ask questions on this site are never prevented from learning as we all are.

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