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My question is can anyone tell me by reducing pressure through a pipe, can the volume of water be maintained


If you want to know more read below or forget it as I gave you your answer.

To get slightly technical

Lets talk basic plumbing.

For example lets think like a 3rd year apprentice and figure it out mathematically.

Lets keep it simple and use a 3″ pipe and lets not take friction losses or other factors in consideration.

Now we take two pressures

50 PSI would give a velocity of 24.59 FPS

100 PSI would give a velocity of 34.78 FPS So far so good huh?

Now we would convert FPS to GPM and we would find the following

A 3″ pipe with a pressure of 50 # would have a flow rate of 24.59 FPS converted to GPM would thus be hovering around 553.27 GPM (sorry I do not have my old apprentice books available so I must do it from memory so please forgive me for not being exact)

Now we take 100 PSI going to a 3″ pipe and we find a flow rate in FPS of 34.78 WHICH in GPM would be 782.55 GPM

I am sure WALLFRAUD would be more then happy to explain how to derive at this and while Fraud is at it he can explain the beauty of using pneumatic controllers slave and master in calibrating a high pressure step down steam system as he be a Heatinnn guy.

When increasing pressure you are increasing the velocity and if your not careful you can cause premature piping failures with erosion and hydraulic shock highly possible.

Hey its a good thing I went to school that day

Got to love how lucky some folks are in P&H as they dont have to ever think about this stuff.

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