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I am looking for the address of Reliance Water Heater Corp. or STA-KLEEN. My water heater is not even a year and half old and it broke. I would like to contact them, but I am having no luck. Can you help? thanks

What do you mean “it broke”?

Did the tank rupture?

Did it stop heating?

Is it gas or electric?

Did it stop allowing water flow?

Did it send particles through out the system like a bad dip tube?

Is the water heated to highly dangerous conditions?

Did the thermo couple fail?

Did the Aquastat stop functioning?

Was the T&P leaking from excessive pressure or temperature?

Did the glass liner come out of the faucets?

Did the top/bottom fall off?

What is Broke on this please do give a hint as certain things that do “break” are not covered over a year?

So depending on what broke what the next cause of action is.

Have you considered contacting the place or contractor who sold it?


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