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Can you please tell me if copper pipes are used for plumbing in houses and commercial buildings for water supply in kitchens and bathrooms? Is there any risk when drinking or cooking with water from the hot tap due to the copper contained in
the pipes?

Yes, copper piping and Red Brass (85% copper 15% Zinc) and Yellow Brass (60% copper and 40% Zinc) have been used for years and copper piping systems have proven time and time again to actually be healthy for human consumption in very small doses.

Less then one half of one percent of the population is allergic to copper

Copper like stainless steel is used for food preparation as Germs cannot live on copper or chrome plated copper like flushometer handles.

The copper itself is one of man kinds best materials for domestic water and hydronics BUT the water quality and pH factors must be taken into consideration.

Certain chemicals in the water can cause adverse conditions and thus these minerals are what can cause health problems.

Copper has been used from the dawn of time and many copper systems over 1,000 years old are still functioning.

About drinking hot water from a tap THIS is a very dangerous condition unless your drinking water heated to excess of 160-180 degrees like an instant hot to kill bacteria in the water.

Copper is the way to go is conditions are right.

Too bad I cant go on about the techinical aspects of piping systems and materials but most of these so called plumbers lists are more concerned about price fixing systems then actually talking about health issues Sorry

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