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I’m doing an assignment for consumer protection law and I have a few questions I was wondering if anyone could help me out?
I need to know the requirement to gain employment in the plumbing profession and I need to know what the consequences of carrying on the occupation without a licence are?
I need to know what you are and are not allowed to do and I need to know how a business should be run?
What are the rights and any protection scheme offered to consumers, ie guarantee funds?
Thankyou for your help

Every state is different BUT in civilized places the “plumber” must possess a Master plumbers license and should have attended a 5 year apprenticeship program 10,000 hours plus 7-10 years in the trade prior to taking the masters exams.

If a consumer hires a non licensed contractor or under insured one then they have little or no recourse much like getting into an accident with a ********** non licensed driver non insured driver.

The Master license is for the protection of the consumer knowing that in the better localities this individual had passed a battery of written and practical exams including certain business ethics.

Before allowing any so called skilled professional in your home or place of business demand to see the actual master plumbers license not one of their flunkies.

It is also a great idea to check with the local building department to find out if this person has anything against their license.

Another point is to ask for an inspection if required to make sure the contractor is actually following local codes.

Asking for a certificate of insurance is a must for the consumer besides a license.

If someone is going to dabble in heating again ask for their FORMAL education or license look at all those poor folks who got taken by bums installing under slab heating but not using materials properly and they have no formal training like a United Association training program.

The consumer should also ask for an hourly rate this way if someone tries to ask for some type of add on or “extra” you have an idea as to what they are charging.

Dabbling in plumbing without a license in the intelligent places of the country will result with the non licensed person facing a misdemeanor and possible jail time or the very least a fine.

The better plumbing industry boards forbids anyone putting the words “plumbing” on the side of a truck or on a business card without the proper licensing.

The normal non qualified folks use P&H or “heating” or Mechanical or piping and heating

Asking for the license is the only real protection the consumer has as recourse can be taken against wrongful plumbing activities.

If you have any more questions as to plumbing or heating or gas fitting or drain cleaning or fire protection please by all means feel free to E mail me.. Good luck

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