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We get very little hot water from our bath tub faucet. Have had the city check the pressure, they say it is ok. 2 seperate plumbers have said we would have to live with the problem because of where the water heater is located. It is on the same level as the tub, which is the first floor, this is a 2 story house. I was told that there is something called a water pressure booster, does any one know anything about this, or have any other suggestions on what we can do, can’t afford the cost of moving the water heater.

Ok lets talk basic plumbing here.

Suppose you have 40 PSI street pressure coming into your home.

40 PSI will elevate water to a height 92 feet (forget friction losses)

I honestly do not remember seeing a 2 story building coming even close to this height.

Now lets continue figuring you need 10 pounds pressure at your shower all we do is convert feet to PSI in this case it is which is 23 ft

So lets take the 23 from 92 feet so this leaves us 69 feet the available height that the city water can still elevate this water to.

In reality all you would need is 30 PSI in coming pressure to reach up to 69 ft.

I think you should put a gauge on your incoming pressure and then get a pressure reading at your H/W tank and on your upper most fixture.

Plumbing in spite of what is out there dabbing in it is really a science of formulas not just saying throw in a pressure booster ESPECIALLY knowing your cold water pressure is adequate.

By finding what pressure you do have available you can figure it out mathematically how high and what pressure you should have available at each fixture.

Please feel free to E mail me and we can discuss options and what qualifications to look for in a “plumber” who is going to work in your home

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