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Wow a Legitimate heatin question YESSSSSSSS.

As a boiler installer and certified inspector I have the following installed on the boiler blow down (STEAM correct)

I install a gate valve and a ball valve.

Gate closest to the boiler and BECAREFUL what is in front of your discharge pipe before proceeding.

When the boiler is firing away with steam pressure I open the gate valve fully and leave the ball valve closed.

Then I quickly open the ball valve to blow out the debris that acclimated in the mud drum/leg of the boiler. Called bottom blow sometimes

Then I slowly close the gate valve so as not to cause a hydraulic shock that can happen on a steam system quite easily with a quick closing valve. Make sure the piping is secured as it can litterly take off (seperate from the boiler) then your in real trouble

After I close the gate valve I then close the ball valve.

Now if your a licensed boiler operator or a licensed stationary or a licensed boiler fireman or a LMP qualified on high pressure steam applications you can ply games with the blow down set up above.

You can for example jog the ball valve to remove more debris acclimation BUT very carefully.

The ASME section TWO (2) I believe has a fantastic book on boiler operations and maintenance as section IV deals with the installations that guys dabbling in heating use.

I also while IM testing or servicing a boiler under steam pressure take this opportunity to test the tri cocks and sight glass.

If you close both valves on the sight glass and open the nut on the very bottom of the bottom valve then open the top valve you can blow steam right through this glass thus insuring the pet cock is indeed working AND your also cleaning out the glass that the same time.

Steam boilers require much more skill and talent to operate and install and service then hydronics as hot water is very,very,very forgiving almost fool proof.

If you have any more heating questions please feel free to E mail me or post on here.

Ever do a blow down on a 125# air compressor? Talk about noise or a 1,500 pound boiler making super heat man what a rush

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