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I am attempting to locate any plumbing literature that can guide me to determine whether a below ground residential swimming pool is considered a plumbing fixture. Can you assist me in anyway???

All piping related to an in ground pool with filtration systems and how often every gallon shall pass through the filers and the pH factors and the schedule of piping walls and water make up are ALL covered in the plumbing code in my area.

The licensed Master Plumber SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE for the following.

Chlorine,disinfection, drainage, draw pools, filtration,fixtures, required, free chlorine, gutters, hair and lint, catchers, heating, inlets, main draw outlets, make-up water, overflow, pipe identification, recirculation, showers, skimmers, toilets, waste piping, water standards.

Someone has to be responsible may as well be the actual installer of the piping system.

There were several questions to pool piping and installation and maintenance on one of my REAL master plumbers exams In not talking the Mickey mouse codes geared for a 3rd grader, IM talking real plumbing codes where the plumber is held completely responsible for all aspects of the installation of piping. RIGHTFULLY so PH factors

Contact your local plumbing department and hopefully they have a legitimate code for you to work off.

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