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Bill K

My thoughts exactly. There are shutoffs for the sink and toilet in the bathroom, but if a leak was to start in the pipe feeding those two….well it would be off to the street. The location will remain un-named, would prefer not to stir up anything. We found out about the lack of a cutoff because we wanted to do away with the small “inst-hot” water heater at the sink, and install a regular water heater to also feed a deep sink for floor washing etc. I guess the whole building is going to have to be shut off, at which time I will have a cutoff installed in our unit anyway. The way the water comes in is through the slab. It loops up at each unit with a feed for the bathroom tee’d off, and then goes back into the slab to the next unit. I thought it was retty cheezy myself.
Does the code actually allow it ?

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