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How far should I plan on GS joints be tightened. I am measuring and doing large layout of replacement piping for water supply in USA. Is it still correct to plan on tightening each joint so that only three threads are showing?

Normally depending on thread condition 3 to 5 turns by hand 2 to 3 with a wrench.

There is slight flaw though as the imported fittings sometimes allow too much thread or not enough and your at their mercy.

If the stock and dies are new the threads could go in deeper then older threads.

Not every maker makes the same sized fitting as another and thus your E to E measurement can be the same but your C to C could be off and depending on the diameter of the piping this could amount to a lot.

As a Master Fire Supression piping contractor

I specify which brand of fitting I am going to use and then take my piping take offs accordingly.

Uniformity in design works wonders.

On 4″-6″ Fire supression piping you can lose an inch or more quite easily on threaded fittings

The largest threaded piping up to date I had to make us was 10″ but that is very rare today.

Your intreasted in buying some 48″ Ridged wrenches and or chain Tongs?

Sometimes I find it faster and cheaper to use victraulic on the piping over 4″ as threading a 4″ pipe can be safely accomplished by one man

The 5″ and 6″ diameter can be a problem for one man to handle the stock and oil at the same time.

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