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Robert. As a fully licensed Plumber Drainer & gasfitter, I am proud of my Proffession & extremely protective of it. You have asked for advice. As Plumbing has a direct impact on the Health of any Nation.
I would suggest that You particularly identify your question.
It is illegal for any person to carry out any Plumbing in most Countries, where that plumbing is contracting, the fact that some people believe that it is their God given right to delve into Plumbing, gives them the right to carry out Plumbing on their own house with the intention of selling the property, is tantamount to Contracting.
There have been too many accidents caused by unlicensed & handy man Plumbers. The health of your Family should be parramount & I therefore would suggest contacting A Plumbers Industry Assn in your area.
Regards – Bob from Australia

Fantastic answer Bob, could never have said it any better myself

IM so glad this guy THINKS a house built in 1925 is old GOD HE HAS NO CLUE… I think plastic is perfect for his home and he deserves to go to home centers or other DIY place and do everything himself

Yesterday I just finished making the finishing repairs on a home in my area finished being built in 1862.

I was not only able to save the existing hot water heating system (upgraded in 1912) but was able to clear the ORIGIONAL extra Heavy Cast Iron drainage system and even gave it a full 5 year Guarantee to stay in tact (funny brand new work is guaranteed only for one year go figure)

Robert here in America we have “state of the art” heating systems that fail with in 5-10 years and here I came across an older system that has not only the origional embossed cast Iron radiators but the origional black steel and cast Iron fittings heating system.

The only upgrade I talked the directors of this estate to do was use non electric zone valves to fine tune the heating and a gas boiler instead of the converted coal one.

Funny thinking even a house built in 1862 is old when inGermany there are buldings dating to before the 1600’s BUT hey why bust his baloon

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