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Robert Stephen Morton

Spook. This is the Plumbing Post. We have been talking about Plumbing & the changing temperatures, Bungie only mentioned that the use of a Duo valve may interfere with the flow through the Thermostat.
I particularly dont like Duo valves because they aid water hammer.
I feel that Tobes’s problem lays in the Tempering valve – not the heater – it most probably is caused by differential pressures? any suggestions?
I keep thinking that if the Hws is plumbed from the 20mm water service & there is 250mm from the 20mm to the shr. Where is the HWS in relationship to the Shr? Has the water service been sized? Remembering that if there is a Tempering valve installed then say 50% of the water to the shr is warm (which is made of say 50% cold & 50% hot) & the Cold is cold. so depending on the proper functioning of the trempering valve & provided the sizing is right, providing the pressure is equal and the temperature is constant there should be no problem. Be the heating method electrical, gas or solar.
Regards Bob

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