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SNIP> Their reaoning is that the T&P discharge line only need to “drain dry away from the valve so the valve does not corrode closed, the pressure from the valve will blow the line clear after it releases”, the line doesn’t need to drain dry its entire length. I have been unsuccessful in changing their minds. >SNIP

I propose an experiment for the Florida inspectors. They could repeat the tests done by the relief valve manufacturers that show the explosion produced by water heaters when reliefs were not used. This time they can do the experiment with a 3/4 relief line trapped with a gallon of water in the line. You might be able to convince them to stand behind a barrier during the experiment.

Harold, if you think these inspectors are BADDD you got to see the installers HUH?

Steven’s institute is not going to be a happy camper reading these postings.

I wonder how many dabblers ever even heard of the “National Board”

You know Harold I think we should get together with Jerry and open up a National Testing corporation to go around either training inspectors to learn their job Or like many cites are now doing getting rid of inspectors and having the really great LMP’s inspect and sign off their own work.

Then we spot check the LMPs in the cities that fired all the inspectors and if a “plumber” or NON licensed heating guy is found to do a lousy job they are fined out of existence PLUS the performance bond they have to put up is used to pay the really great inspectors like bounty money.

Could you imagine the salary a REALLY good plumber could command who actually took the time to learn their trade?

Lets open a school much like your heating training which is second to none and try to train the misfits who dabble in heating and piping.

Have a 5 year apprenticeship (10,000) with written exams and if a flunky fails to pass the written code section give them a helpers card NEVER to work alone.

A decent helper today makes $1,000 a week so why cant a real mechanic make double that?

OOPS one of my top guys does ($45 per hr.)

But he can read and understand above 6th grade reading level

Harold, education is the way to go and fines for the non knowing could be an incentive to want to learn

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