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    I’m building a new house where an old one burned and will hook up to an existing well which has a 3/4″ metal supply line underground which I would like to tie into with PVC pipe. My question deals with splitting or teeing off from existing metal pipe with two supply lines going to 2 water heaters. Will the initial 3/4″ supply line (40′ long) from the tank supply adequate pressure to the two lines into the house (each 50′ long from tee to water heater), or do I need to start from the tank with a new 1″ line and reduce to 3/4″ at the tee?

    Depends on the available pressure.
    You maybe confused about pressure with volume.

    To properly size piping one does not look into the sky for inspiration BUT rather look down to find the actual demand in GPM (fixture unit) requirements

    Unfortunately I cannot answer your question on here as I have been only seeing posting on flat rate pricing and nothing to do with the technical aspects of plumbing design on the plumbviews so I never learned the techinical aspects of my business

    So until some real to goodness plumber comes along I guess we both will have to plod along BUT I am sure someone can tell you exactly how much to charge but not necessarily how to install.

    I am so sorry but I must have been absent that day when the 12 hour expert course was given out on sizing.

    Possibly some one other can explain how to not only size the bloody piping BUT tell you also about friction losses and velocity and other good things plumbers used to have to know. Good luck

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