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    There appears to be a partial blockage between my toilet and shower. I have tried plunging, chemicals to no avail…although while plunging bits of paper can be observed passing through the clean out to the septic tank. I dropped a snake down the roof stack directly over the toilet however it hits water and sounds as if it botttoms out…never turning out towards the clean out and thus having no effect on the blockage. Shouldn’t the snake turn with the pipe and ultimately be seen at the clean out? If so, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Some low life’s do not install a properly designed clean out and thus the snake will not go in the direction of flow (right angle)

    If your hearing water while snaking this could be a sign your drainage system settled and you have a belly in the piping.

    Rather then guess why not get a video camera and “SEE” what is really wrong with this system?

    Then you can take the proper measures to correct same.

    Get a Camera with locating possibilities so you can pin point the exact location of this defect.

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