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Toilet installed on un-even flagstone floor. Floor height on left 1/2 inch lower than right. Installation plumber used stack of pennies to shim the difference and now toilet wobbles front to back. What product is available to do a better job of shimming than pennies

You have Several options.

1- Mark the foot print of the toilet on the floor then remove the toilet and use plaster of Paris to level the surface.

Some folks just set the toilet in plaster and level it and then wait 20 minutes for the plaster to set.

The plaster although sloppy to work with will allow easy leveling and when it cures you should be home free

2- What I normally do is install a marble slab made for toilet installations and either set this slab on top of the existing floor making sure the new slab is set level.

The only problem with this is the lead waste pipe (cast iron, etc.) has to be raised to the new level.

3- Remove the existing tiles as per foot print of the toilet and use a cement patch leveling it so the toilet sits on a level flat surface.

If you mark this toilets foot print properly no one will ever notice the missing tiles from under it.

4- They make Cast Iron wedges (shims) we use to level cast Iron bath tubs.

You can possibly use these shims and the use silicon to all around the base BUT it will really not look that great as there will be a difference of thickness at the base of this fixture.

In the future is is a wonderful thing to use a level prior to installing any fixture so provisions can be made to install it properly

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