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After reading some of the postings to your site this may not have been the best choice to get an answer to a simple question. I am a home owner not a plumber I have never pretended to be a plumber. I do respect the time and effort it takes to become a master of one’s trade but I’m just trying to fix an old shower in my home from leaking at the handle where I adjust the water temp. I have already fixed the shut off valve with new seats and packing. The temperature control/shut off valve is leaking out the stem and should be the same type of packing fix.
In the center is the stem which leaks and it has got two flats for a wrench on the shroud around it, I haven’t been able to find a wrench 1 1/4″size narrow enough to fit the flats. The stem and shroud is threaded into a flat brass plate that has a big brass collar nut around that. Question do I try to find a wrench that fits the inside portion or do I crank on the big old collar nut?

Thanks in advance you people are great!

The best bet is to find the name of the manufacturer so you know exactly what size/shape your dealing with.

For example the old Savory had a unique configuration for removing the spindles.

If you cannot locate the proper tool you maybe able to remove/repair this with a basin wrench.
Good luck

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