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In reply to message posted by Jim Sullivan:
What are the limiting dimensions of the output from sink to entry to trap and from the output of the trap to the discharge pipe ? [email protected]

Jim, you asked this question like a TRUE Engineer making it much more complicated then necessary.

I think I know what your asking but in case IM wrong lets give you more information then you need.

NYC Code is one of the most stringent codes so rather then use one not as good ILL go top of the line. BUT check locally as your in a really depressed area as far as codes go

Vertically from the fixture to the trap you can have 48″ From the Trap to the vent you have 24″ from the fixture to the trap you have horizontally 24″

As long as the trap is with in 24″ of the vent it is legal BUT local codes do prevail.

Now if someone was to have a distance problem they could connect the trap 2 ft from the sink then run 2 feet of piping to the legally vented waste stack.

Why not get a copy of your local code?

You question did not ask about the fixture unites or the sizing or the trap inlet/outlet

Have a less complicated question please feel free to E mail me . Good luck


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