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I did an inspection on a house and when you put on the shower it sent a vibration through the house like a train was comming it was not water hammer like you get when you shut of a tap fast .This did not happen with any other tap or combination of taps ,only the shower .If you slowed down the flow it stopped . I feel that there must be something loose in the valve to set up this vibration. Thanks Roy Cooke sr

Hi Roy, How about we say ok it is not someone using a gate valve as a globe thus setting up chattering sounds.

This could be a loose washer Or a bad or loose valve seat Or a Bibb screw that has become dislodged from the valve stem retaining ring and this too could make one heck of a racket.

Is there any flow restrictors in the shower head?

Sometimes the do gooders who install flow restrictors never think about velocity problems they are creating so you may want to remove it and listen to whats going on.

Another possibility is always poor installation where morons and low lifes and the scum of the earth install piping with very few supports and this can also set up a noisy system

PERSONALLY I would shout off the water to this shower.
Remove the hot and cold diverter if applicable and flush the body completly making sure there is no debris in the body like an old washer or bib screw.

Also as you have everything disassembled now is the time to look in and check the valve seats and replace the washer and grease the valve stems threads with “Key grease”.

Good luck.. and please let me know what you do find as I love learning about these trades.

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