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I had a sewer replaced between my home and the street pipe. The final cost was way above the original estimate. Because it was an emergency I was not able to get several bids. How can I get estimates of what others would have charged? I took photos of the work and watched the whole process.

You know its an old scam of fly by night contractors to LOW BALL a job after the fact.

Getting an estimate is completely useless as the folks giving the estimate were NOT on the job site and quite honestly they did not see job conditions.

I know when I sub contract out water main or sewer replacements there is the stipulation of “rocks” that no one could know about until works actually starts.

Another point a busted water main YES you are in a rush to get the leak repaired ASAP BUT a sewer?

If a main sewer pipe should break you still would have a day or two or even possibly 3 to get prices get it repaird.

The only time I ever was rushed to get sewer pipes repaired at a moments notice is on a Friday afternoon when a back hoe completly severed a 6″ 8″ and 10″ line and I had to get a crew there that day.

This operator was out of his mind they way he just opened the trench

Now if this was a one or even two family home NO WAY you could not have waited to get several estimates as all you would do iis limit the water use to bare minimum.

I had folks call me “emergency” sewer line severed completly and they waited as long as week for me to get there.

Most sewers dont fail just like that unless some human forces got involved so normally you have day & weeks to get estimates and permits etc.

Just as long as this job was filed and inspected and was performed by licensed contractors forget getting other prices after the fact.

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