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hello, my question is what manufacturer makes the best tankless water heaters and how good are they really? what are the draw backs and what are the good points about it compared to a traditional gas water heater


The good thing about tankless heaters less stand by losses but less peak demand also as far as lots of volume is concerned.

The bad thing about gas water heaters is when they fail they leak all over the place.

They have lots of stand by losses and take up a lot of space.

The best manufacturer is the ones that don’t fail as most of the imported stuff today is PURE GARBAGE and border line dangerous.

You could try to get Canadian brand rather then one imported by an “American company” from God knows what part of the planet.

Canadian standards are now the ones to go by if your looking for Quality.

To many American code bodies have been compromised by the almighty YEN to line their pockets.

Think about why would any code official allow an AAV to be placed inside a home?

Putting their trust on a piece of plastic and rubber to keep dangerous sewer fumes out.

Ah the Almighty pay off we see on TV is not all fiction I guess.

Do some home work before buying and do your very best to keep away from American IMPORTED crap flooding the market place.

Good luck

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