Reply To: Pipe size vs. flow rate. vs. pressure drop chart wanted (water)

In reply to message posted by Harold Hydronic Net:
Ballpark: When going up one size, at the same pressure, the flow doubles. If you go from 3/4 to 1, the flow doubles – to 1-1/4, double again, etc.

Harold sorry, Close but no cigar.

RULE of thumb possibly. reality nope

40 PSI 3/4″ pipe 30.93 GPM

40 PSI 1″ pipe = 55 GPM

40 PSI 11/4 pipe 85 GPM (almost 86)

40 PSI 11/2 pipe 123+ GPM

Granted this is not that critical UNLESS your using flushometers or a fire supression system and figuring you “K” factor for each sprinkler head this could be a major problem.

Contact me on our list and ILL send you all the math involved.

You taught me too well guy…

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