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Tried to keep it short because I was unfamiliar with the workings of the list. I’ll expand.

I had a licensed plumber convert my Oil system to a new gas system. It has three zones. Two hooked up and functional. The third is for expansion. It seemed to be working well (hard to tell being as it’s been so warm in NH).

From the furnace, on the first zone, the pipe coming from the furnace feels, well, not hot, but warm. Whereas the pipe coming from the second zone, going to the second floor, is very hot to touch. If I feel the elements on the half of the first zone closest to the furnace, it is putting out heat. The second half is not. The thermostat on the first floor (zone 1) is set to 70, and the actual temp is 64. Upstairs (zone 2) is fine all over.

Thanks again.

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