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    Bungie1. I noticed that the earlier post has been closed, its a pity that some of these post’s degenerate into personal attacks, I hav’nt got a problem with light hearted remarks that engender mateship or fellowship, but it should be kept to that. Sylvan is going to get any info from his country that he can, but they tar their roof tops & put salt on their roads, & they have never heard of Zincalume orXXX, makes you wonder how they got to the moon. But I think he is a good person & he does try, god bless him.

    Robert, my dear Mate Robert again ILL tell you Bungie is the Plumbers plumber we seek information from if we need something from OZ.

    Remember I was trained in the United States thus you know already my handicap in skills.

    America is the land of entitlements and feel good programs THUS we no longer have really skilled blokes here UNLESS they come from Oz or Ireland (forget England their worse then we are)

    Think about it LOOK AT ALL THE POSTINGS and look at the Phony names Americans are using as they are also phony in plumbing skills.

    Robert, I never feel bad asking questions of your countrymen as this is where I learn.

    Why would I dare ask a no name non skilled non trainable stumblebum from here anything?

    At least in Oz you know who your dealing with Look at that Moron “BJ”, wanna to guess what he does to get that name.

    Here an engineer posts something and BJ breath asks where she is from, not bothering to ask anything technical as he has no clue to what is technical.

    Suppose she said she was down the road from him does this loser really think a Professional would even look at him?

    As more and more women come into the trades I know the quality of work will increase as women want to do the job right.

    To all those wonderful ladies Ms Lang, Sunsus and Karen who sent me private Emails thank you so much.

    HUG Ladies and have a great HolidayOXOXO


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